Required Security Update

Welcome to PCU Direct to You. All members of Pinnacle Credit Union (Atlanta, Georgia) can now access account information from anywhere, anytime. Pinnacle Credit Union is implementing an improved system for logging into your accounts to better protect your online banking information. You may begin using this Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system immediately. All users will be required to use this login method by May 6, 2007.

To begin using the MFA login, you must complete a one-time security update. Once this update has been completed, you will be able to log directly into PCU Direct to You. Please review the help section links below if you have any questions.

To begin the MFA Security Update, click "Begin Update." If you have already completed the Security Update, click "Login with MFA."

Login here if you have completed the above security update. If you haven't please see above for instructions before proceeding to login.